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by kgibs0n
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17 years ago

Question, Yanagisawa A8833 Model?

I have owned this saxophone for many years. I currently own two. An old Conn "naked lady" model, and then my Yanagisawa 8833. I got this sax when I was 13 so I dont remember how much it is worth. I dont really play anymore except for an occasional day or two. I was just curious if anyone would know anything about it. I cant find out any info on my 8833 model online. Solid Silver bell w/ a Gold plated neck. I believe it was made in 1990 judging by the serial number of 00161435. Is it a rare alto saxophone? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. kyle

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  1. by Charlie Sax
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    4 months ago

    Re: Question, Yanagisawa A8833 Model?

    Hi!  If you still have this sax, I'd be interested in making you an offer.......

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