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by Donna
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20 years ago

what is a good sax to play

I've been playing a conn and now wanting to try a new brand. Mostly looking for a good sound. Looks is not that important to me. Can someone tell me what is a good professional sax to play. Been told a mark VI

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  1. by johnsonfromwisconsin
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    20 years ago

    Re: what is a good sax to play

    Assuming your conn is a modern instrument (modernly manufactured Conns are all student horns),and you feel it's time to step up to a proffesional horn, you have two choices: new/used, or vintage. Here's a list of Manufacturers of new instruments that might be suitable (in no particular order) Yanagisawa (800 and 900 series) Selmer (Series II, III, Reference Models) Yamaha (various models) Keilwerth (Not the taiwanese Keilwerths like the ST-90) Some other modern manufacturers worth looking into if you're on a tighter budget and want new: Jupiter (silver "artist" series only) Antigua Winds (watch out, only the recent instruments wearing this name are worthy instruments, Antigua Winds prior to the latest releases had poor reputations, as did Jupiter) Vintage: Selmer (Super Balanced Action, Mark VI, Mark VII, Super Action) Buescher ("400", Aristocrat. Preferably before Selmer buyout, though they remained good horns sometime after. Modern Bueschers are rebranded junk) Conn (10M or 6M) SML King (Zephyr II, or Super20) Buffet (not Student Evette Crampon horns) Martin there are more, these I mention because I've either tried them myself, or they posses an overwealming reputation.

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    1. by NickelPlated
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      20 years ago


      I just recently bought a Maxtone Saxophone. To me its really awesome. It has a great, rich sound and i got one thats nickel-plated. Ive heard that they get some pretty good ratings too, so you can try em out or research more on them. Im just giving you a heads-up. ***PS*** Maxtone altos are made by French Engineers, and they arent proffesional, but they arent student models either, so i suggest that to you. Thank you, and good luck :)

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