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by N2Jazz
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13 years ago

Any sax dealers in the state of Oregon???

I'm looking for a sax dealer here in the northwest. Someplace that sells mainly saxophones and has a few different models in stock so that I can go and play a few different models before I buy a new one. Saxophones are like shoes, some may look good, but just don't fit quite right. I'm playing a Yamaha Custom 875 alto and a New Wonder 1920 Conn Tenor. Looking to get a new tenor because the Conn sounds awesome, but is limiting me technically because of the fingerboard. Does anyone know of anywhere I can go in Oregon to play the new Selmer reference models and the Yamaha Z's that are out now??

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  1. by baronvonmeskel
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    13 years ago

    Re: Any sax dealers in the state of Oregon???

    I don't know if you are still needing to find a place to try this stuff, but I would suggest a couple of places. Are you in the Portland area? Beacock's in Vancouver has a decent selection of newer horns. Also, Music Village of Beaverton has a good selection (the guy out there kinda reminds me of a used car salesman so watch out. However, he's a hell of a repair man - one of the best in town). My first stop for horns is always Wally's music in Oregon City. They have a good selection of new, used and cosigned horns. Also, the guys out there are not only VERY knowledgable, but they are incredibly nice. AWESOME customer service. If you have something in particular you would like to try, call them and see if they have it before you go in there. It will save you a lot of driving.

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