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by Saxman2200
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20 years ago

Cannonball Sax quality or not?

I am loking to buy a new Professional Tenor. I want one that I may be playing on for a good long time. I need a good quality horn. I have been looking around and I have found Cannonball's for a good price. Does anyone know anything about quality and durability of these horns?

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  1. by cjbass
    (14 posts)

    20 years ago

    Re: Cannonball Sax quality or not?

    I played on one recently when I was making the same decision you are about to make. I heard they were not that good, and that they were overpriced. When I played it, it sounded good to me, but I also tried a Yanigasawa T901 and was much more impressed, and the price was about the same. I really have heard nothing but really good things about the Yani, I have had it now for six months and I don't regret it a bit, in fact I love my Yani :).

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