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by Genceman
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14 years ago

Grassi Alto sax from the 70's

Hi there I am a new sax player and have been looking to get a Used but good Alto. Anyone heard or have experience of the Grassi Saxes, I have found it hard to get information on them. Thanks

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  1. by Spunky2sax75
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    14 years ago

    Re: Grassi Alto sax from the 70's

    I have played an old Grassi Bari, and let me tell you, it SuCkEd!! Maybe I was just unfortunate and played a bad one, but from my experience with it, I wouldn't pay 10 bucks for one. Test them out though, maybe you will find a good one. Playing them is basically the only way you can find out if they will work for you. Well, I hope I helped. -Andy P.S. Go to

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