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20 years ago

Great Jazz Tones

I hearby kill (again) that hideous thread and continue what could potentially turn into another slaughterfest in here personally i know alot of people who hate alot of peoples tones when talking to bruce williams he told everyone that dont judge anyones tone after a long long time you can say what you dont prefer but there own thing is there own thing say its not my thing insted of HES SO TERRIBLE because if there an extremly famous musician he probably cant be that bad, i then replied unless hes kenny G he smiled and said altho i wish i could agree he does his own thing He then proceeded to tell everyone at the group that because he has listened to so many people he can tell us who we should listen too, I got hamiett bluiett and he gave me a free world sax quartet cd, whom hes now with then he gave us all reeds, cool guy... he gave me ZZs cool in my book ha anyway here are the rules to stop a kill fest 1. Posts altho some can ramble dont push going nuts and hateful if your gonna ramble ( note me) 2. Explain bold statements 3. Cite tones that you prefer and styles 4. Lend hands and be kind...ish 5. Dont talk shit about coltrane... it exists in sax equipment too but dont post there

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