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by jazzsax09
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10 years ago

Yas-61 and Yas-62

im looking for some feedback from owners of either of these horns (Yas- 62/61) on their overall quality. hows the action, is it sturdy, how are they in comparison to selmers or yanagisawas of the same caliber, and are you satisfied etc. Any feedback at all would be appreciated... thanks

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  1. by chalazon
    (547 posts)

    10 years ago

    Re: Yas-61 and Yas-62

    I bought a yts 61 brand new in 1973 or 74..I can't quite remember..anyway, I still play the horn , still enjoy it, and haven't found another tenor that I liked enough to get rid of this one. Great heft, lovely sound,..... it works for me.

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  2. by krzykrn88
    (27 posts)

    9 years ago

    Re: Yas-61 and Yas-62

    i have a yas 62 i bought in 2002. action is really good, despite the fact that it lacks blue steel springs. my baby actually went through alot when i took it to many gigs, and also alotta marching band practices. despite that, my horn is very sturdy, and looks as if new. with my set up, I am really satisfied with my horn. I actually liked it better than the cannonball, mark 6, mark 7, and conn chu berry i tried. IF i trade my 62 for mark 6, i would only do so in order to get another 62, and then, some spending money. hahahaha.

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