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10 years ago

JJ Babbitt Rant - Meyer Hard Rubber Tenor

I just took a new tenor Meyer Metal and tenor Yanigasawa Metal to my local music store to sell on consignment. (They are all junk as far as I am concerned.) I have some giggs coming up and have been scrambling around for a tenor mouthpiece to play. So, I got out a Meyer rubber I bought last year... the tip was poorly finished from the factory and it has some major problems with intonation and harmonics that drove me crazy. I got to looking at the Meyer under a magnifying glass and noticed: that the rails are mismatched; different widths; different heights, intercect the tip at different locations; the top of the beak externally is not parrelell to the baffle on the inside. So any attempt to adjust the rails, tip rails and front rails are fruitless. Why is this company still in business?

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