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by jschlafman
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10 years ago

P. Mauriat Tenor PMXT-66R

Hello Everyone: I'm new to the forum and was wondering if anyone out there has recently purchased the PMXT 66R tenor from P. Mauriat. I've been an alto player for a few years and believe the tenor is going to be closer to the "voice" I'm looking for. Everything I've read about these horns is very high quality and reasonably priced. Any feedback on this particular model or P. Mauriat horns in general would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much! Jon

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  1. by Saxquest
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    10 years ago

    Re: P. Mauriat Tenor PMXT-66R

    Hi Jon- We've seen several new P. Mauriat 66R tenors recently come in and out. They are tremendous playing horns. The 66R is by far my favorite P. Mauriat model. It has a big bottom end with a great ring. Its definitely the best current production horn for the money out there right now. You get the richness of sound and flexibility in core response of a great vintage horn but with modern keywork and superb intonation. Not to toot our own horn but its definitely worth doing your research and buying it from a shop that knows a thing or two about saxophone set up and takes the time to actually do it. As with any new horn these days, they do need to be set up from the factory. We go through and adjust the key fitting, key heights, replace some squishy cork in a few critical places, check for level tone holes, check the neck tip diameter, etc..... Please let me know if you have further questions about P. Mauriat. We've just been selected as one of only five P. Mauriat Select dealers across the country and I'm always happy to discuss these horns and we'll always have them in stock! Cheers, Mark Overton

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    1. by fliptheshack
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      9 years ago

      Re: P. Mauriat Tenor PMXT-66R

      Hello Jon. i`m new to the site, and i have had the mauriat for about 2yrs now and what a great horn it is too. i only play for my own pleasure allbeit not great but i tell you it makes for such easy playing its a great horn, everything about it is good and it has a great core sound to it. i play a selmer student mouthpiece with the horn and it sounds great. if you go to shwoodwind he has just done a review of my sax and gives them a good review, buy one. regards Phil..

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  2. by JuliusaH
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    8 years ago

    Re: P. Mauriat Tenor PMXT-66R

    Hi jon.. I have just bye'ed the P. Mauriat Tenor PMXT-66R for a few weeks ago and it is the Best sax i ever played on. I can only say if you want a tenor is a P. Mauriat Tenor PMXT-66R a goooood one :D

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    1. by JohntyWilks
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      6 years ago

      Re: P. Mauriat Tenor PMXT-66R

      Hi I am selling my Mauriat Tenor Sax PMXT - 66R  they are currently valued at £2700 at but I will accept £2200.

      It is in excellent conditiona and hardly been played - I bought it around 1.5 yeasr ago)  . My main instrument is the alto sax (Mauriat) and soprano.


      I am also selling my Yamaha alto sax YS61 for £800 and it has just had a full service and also my soprano sax  yamaha soprano sax ys 475 they are currently valued at £1300 but will take £1000 for it. Again it is excellent condition and less than two years old.


      I want to upgrade my soprano so selling these saxes will fund this.


      Please call me on 07713 59 4543 or email at johnty.wilks (at)


      Kind regards




      I am based in Essex, UK but I play in London alot or can send them via courier all over the country.

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