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by OldSaxer
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20 years ago

Vintage Buffet Tenor - relacquer or sell as is?

Hi, just discovered this site so thought I'd check it out and see if anyone can give me feedback on a SDA that I own - #12148 (about 1965) that I purchased new in '68. It served me very well during high school and college but I virtually haven't touched it now in 30 years and most likely won't get back into it. Had it repadded and adjusted some years back for my son but he only stuck with it for one semester. Been thinking about selling it. It doesn't have any dents, it plays well but it does have a section of reddish discoloration (about 7" x 2") on the side of the bell facing the BC along with a few smaller areas in other places. Question is, how much would this horn bring as is vesus what it would bring after relacquering it? And how much does a quality relacquering job cost? Thanks.

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  1. by cfsatb
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    20 years ago

    Re: Vintage Buffet Tenor - relacquer or sell as is?

    sell as is; I think orig. cond. is better & you will never get your money out of it. good luck

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