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9 years ago

Hi everyone!

Hey everyone on saxquest! I just started playing the saxophone 2 years ago in my schl's military band. The band i'm in is very different from drum corps and state bands because every country has it's different taste and style :D. After having played a Selmer Bundy II student model in my band for around 1 and a half years, i convinced my dad to buy a YAS-62 silver plated alto sax. Yeah it rocks! i was once a trainee drum major ( Trains until our band director chooses one of us to be the main DM) but gave up the post as i didn't want to be one. So now i'm still playing, trying to find a sax teacher to teach me skills like circular breathing, proper vibrato, throat growls and stuff like that. I hope to learn alot from everyone here in saxquest! once a saxophonist, ALWAYS a saxophonist!

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  1. by saxophonist_104
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    9 years ago

    Re: Hi everyone!

    Hi! I'm Katie, I'm a senior, I play a nickel-plated Wexler alto, and I'm from Texas. SAXOPHONISTS FOREVER!

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