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10 years ago

AMT roam 1 elite serivec experience and KB electronics

I have been using the Roam 1 wireless system for a couple of years now and really love it. It allows me freedom to move around on stage when I play and has a great sound. I had a learning curve about mic placement and setting the squelch, but otherwise have been more than pleased. Last wed at rehearsal my system wasn't working. The receiver was picking up a signal from the transmitter but sending nothing to my amplifier. I called AMT's service number and talked to one of the reps there. he asked if I had my receipt or knew where I bought it because it has a three year warranty. I couldn't remember where I bought it ( I use the net to find the best price) . When he learned that I would need the unit back within two weeks he referred me to KB electronics in VA to do the service as they have the quickest turnaround. I called Kenny at KB and when I described the problem and after answering a few of his questions he determined it was probably the volume assembly. He said sometimes the volume knob gets pushed in and this ruins it. I remember knocking it off a speaker the previous week. He asked if I knew where I bought it so he could honor the warranty. When I said I didn't know he said it would be just a few dollars for the part and 1 hour labor. I included a check to cover it plus some for postage. This was friday. The next day I received a solicitation e-mail from Birdland Music. The name sounded familiar and I wondered if that is where I bought my AMT. Sure enough I looked up my account and I had bought it in Oct of 2006. I called KB and then sent them a fax of the invoice. They said the warranty would now cover the repairs. Less than 1 week later my repaired AMT arrived in the mail with my check returned. They had even covered the shipping! I highly recommend AMT and KB electronics in VA for their professionalism, expediency and exemplary customer service. Well done.

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