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by Isabel311
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10 years ago

Need help in making a nice set up for my tenor and alto

I currently have alto yamaha custom 875 and meyer mouthpiece 5M. I need advice on what kind of ligature and reeds to use I also have a tenor yamaha custom 875 and a lakey 6*3 mouthpiece I need to know what kind of lig and reeds go with this as well and I am also willing to change mouth pieces for my tenor. I have to play 2nd tenor is a swing band in a week and need help asap

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  1. by chalazon
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    10 years ago

    Re: Need help in making a nice set up for my tenor and alto

    sorry it's taken so long to get back..Vandoren Optima ligitures work great on the Meyer pieces..I favor Java Jazz reeds on my Meyer..get an Otto Link metal piece for your tenor..ya can't lose. I've never been very impressed with the Lakey mpieces..some guys like them..a Link will give you a classic swing tenor sound..try a metal selmer alto lig for your link..check out the store here at sax quest..I'll bet they have what you want..I also use the Java reeds on tenor..I blow on an Otto LInk 7*. keep the faith.

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