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L. S. Dro-Tokin Tupper

hey SQ: I'm an alto sax player/ producer from Chicago. I started playing clarinet and took up the drums around eight, couldn't get the drums down but I had the mouthpiece of the clarinet down enough to switch to the sax pretty fast. Joined the school band at ten or eleven. In middle school jazz band I lost the habit of improving my skills. Two years later I took up acoustic guitar semi-seriously and started stumbling my way around Fruity Loops Studio. I corkscrewed my way through a few years of high school band and didn't go back for my senior year. Instead I enrolled at the fresh-to-the-town "digital arts" trade-school Flashpoint Academy majoring in sound production. I got in on scholarship maybe for my FL Studio tracks or just luck. Except when it comes to sleeping normal times.. same thing happened.. couldn't keep up with the workload on my late night owl sleep rhythm. By next year I'll hopefully be composed enough to go. I'm fortunate to be from a musical family. My earliest memory of a live performance was seeing my uncle and cousin rock out on piano and trumpet respectively. This was before I could play anything. One brother had taken up the piano with his various figure-skater-coach type teachers but eventually settled on teaching himself it from song books and transferring guitar chords. My other is learning how to blues it up on his new guitar with my old guitar teacher and my sister teaches herself piano and in band playing the sax, too (separate mouthpieces). There's a lot more in my family I could talk about but I stayed up all night getting baked and making tracks so I'll save those for another time. I guess I'll add that I'm in some bands and in some groups of not-yet-banded friends... I'm trying to get this mega jam with some who have pretty good improv skills for freestyling and guitar, drums.. though I'm back to small projects for the moment just trying to get my composing ready for whatever we end up doing. If you want to check out my music: Produced: Acoustic Solo: A fun Youtube Video: I called it "Growling in my back yard." for any of you who would like to see pot-smoke chugging out of a saxophone.

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    Re: L. S. Dro-Tokin Tupper

    i've seen it awready.

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