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York was awarded two saxophone patents concerning tone holes in the later part of the 1920s: 1690862 and 1673195. York alto saxophone 92259 is reported to have unusual tones holes, and the marking "pat. apld. for". These patents were applied for in 1925 and 1926. and granted Nov 6, 1928, and Jun 12, 1928, respectively. Does anyone know where these unusual tone holes may be? Picked this out of an article from horn-u-copia. Thanks for whateverinfo you may have about my sax. I'm dating my sax at about 1926 with this serial #, 84352

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  1. by Gregory Butko
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    6 years ago

    Re: YORK ALTO SAXOPHONE 84352 1926?

    The York saxophone have the stack tone holes punched out of a strip of metal. This strip is soldered onto the front of the horn. The low Eb, fork E flat and from C down tone holes have small flanges that fit against the body of the instrument. I have only seen this on York saxophones. The York bass was manufactured by Conn, and does not have tone holes like this.

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