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by cad1949
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I have a sax i pcked up at an estate sale. It is marked 'HARWOOD THE PROFESSIONAL" on the bell. THE PATENT DATE IS 12/8/1914. The only other numbers i find are P-27221-L and 1119954. It appears to be in excellent overall condition and has all the pieces plus extra reeds. Also the original case. Any info as to history and value would be appreciated. Thanks ,CAD1949

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  1. by Saxhog2
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    9 years ago


    Harwood was a stencilled horn made by Buescher and Conn. By the P preceeding the s/n I would say this is a Conn stencil. Easy enough to tell is the low C guard, the Mercedes style guard, Y shaped rod brass guard. Value? It's shape being excellent helps,bari,tenor, alto,sop? I'd look at the value of what brass lacquered PanAm's are selling or sold for on Ebay. They are also a Conn stencil and can be a nice playing horn. That would be a good guage to use for value.

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