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by Micah
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9 years ago

Saxophone Tuning?

Hey people i've played saxophone for about 6 years now and i've been so lucky to obtain a Selmer reference 54. However, my high range is trash. Everything above really F# is very flat. I play alto and bari regularly and have no tuning issues...I cannot say i play my tenor very regularly...but i will be! Is it just a matter of playing it more with faith that it will naturally get better? I have tried a variety of strength of reeds all the way up the 3.5 on a V16. Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. by wkusax87
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    9 years ago

    Re: Saxophone Tuning?

    I'm a sax student on the university level. I would suggest getting a saxophone master class book, and working on your embouchure. I would suggest Saxophone Master Class by Michael E. Hester Other than that, try a smaller reed, about a 3. Work on playing with a little more pressure in your high register. Another solution could be working with less pressure on your low register, and pushing the mouthpiece in. Either you have too little pressure, or you're biting a little too much. Those are just a few suggestions. Plus, any given saxophone is going to have a few small tuning discrepancies.

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