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A long long time ago I had a sax instructor that at one time played in John Phillip Sousa's band. This I can believe as he was well over 50 when he taught me in the late '40's and early '50's. At any rate, as I myself am now getting up in years, I see no reason to keep my alto sax in the closet any longer. My grown children have no interest in it [nor do they care about my extensive Lionel Train collection] so I am here to see what it may be worth and if I can find a good home for it. The horn is a Martin serial #: 119339. On the bell under the Martin name is another word written in cursive and it appears to be ylamolecraft, something like that. Then Elkhart-Ind U.S.A. On the back under the sn are the words "low pitch". My father bought this horn for me and I remember the instructor said that it was his and that he did play it while in Sousa's band. So there may be some history to this horn. It is in great shape considering it could be up to 80 years old. I have the original case it came in as well. I believe my father had some work done on it in the early '50's. I played this horn in the local high school marching band and orchestra for many years. The horn was originally purchased by my father in Pittsburgh, PA. I reside in San Diego, CA and would appreciate hearing from anyone regarding this horn. Thanks in advance, KX

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