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9 years ago

Question about a mouthpiece.

So today I was playing on a friends mouthpiece that he had sitting around. At first glance I thought it was just a metal link, judging by the general style of the piece, but upon looking a little more closely it was definitely different. First off the piece has a step baffle, and on top it's perfectly round and has the word "Maestro" engraved on the top. I was pretty sketchy about the piece, but I like trying out new things. After blowing for a little while, I was surprised. The piece has a nice fat sound, a lot more enjoyable than I've been getting on either my Beechler or my Jumbo Java. Also the marking for the facing is A-6. My question is does anyone have an idea on the maker of the piece? I really like playing on it, so I don't really intend to sell it or anything, I'm just wondering what hole in the wall it may have come out of.

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