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8 years ago

Hello, I am Ivan Meyer, Multi instrumentalist and luthier in Brazil.

Hello, I play sax, cello, oboe and flute and also manufacture mouthpiece Can see in my mouthpiece I playing oboe I playing violoncello I playing flauta doce - Saint Preux Concert I playing flauta doce - Blues Charlie Parker I playing flauta doce - My favorite Things - Jazz I playing Oboe Jazz - Arabian I playing Alto Classic Saxofone - Eugene Bozza I playing Tenor Saxofone Big Band - Solo Jazz I playing Tenor Saxofone- Altissimo Multiphonics I playing Sinphonic Orchestra Oboe and Cello I playing Alto Sax - My Romance - Jazz Pop I playing Tenor Sax - Misty - jazz Don't loose your time and money buying dozens of mouthpieces. Mr Meyer can make that perfect mouthpiece you've been looking for for years. Ivan Meyer mouthpieces are computer designed and hand made by an experienced professional sax player, who began playing sax over 30 years ago. Every order form is carefully evaluated, and an unique design is defined to achieve the customer's requests. The mouthpiece blank is then carefully hand shaped to this design. A facing curve, the most important part of the mouthpiece for its perfect functionallity, is then designed using a computer program, acording to complex math rules used by the most famous mouthpiece designers and refacers along the world. The mouthpiece is hand worked again to achive these dimensions very preciselly. This precision is not usually achieved by the mass production processes of most sax mouthpiece makers. It can only be achieved by the hand made ones, in which mesures are made many, many times while in work, until perfection. After this shaping and facing work, each piece is individually play tested by Mr Meyer. The mouthpice must match the customerĀ“s sonority specification or will be discarded. Every mouthpiece must be easy to blow form the low register to the top tones. No projection differences are allowed along the registers. These and many other tests are performed before Mr Meyer can say "This is a perfect mouthpiece". The mouthpiece is hand engraved with a beatiful leaves motif (see phographs). A finishing is then applied to the piece, according to the customerĀ“s request. Before shipping, the mouthpiece is tested again and thoroughly hygienized. Thanks Ivan Meyer

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