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by saxymkvi
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8 years ago

Cannonball vs. Mauriat

What's everyone's thoughts on these horns? I'm certain there will be a lot of highly subjective answers, but has anyone played both extensivly? I'm just looking to pick some brains. I think that in general a good used pro Selmer or Yamaha would be a better choice for an aspiring student or professional, but some people just want a new horn. How does the sound compare? Intonation? How does the finish hold up? Has anyone repaired either of these and what are your thoughts? Ergonomics?

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  1. by chalazon
    (547 posts)

    8 years ago

    Re: Cannonball vs. Mauriat

    I have not had the opportunity to try the Mauriat horns..I have had some experience with the Cannonball product, and consider them to be a very fine product, and quite an excellent buy for the price range that they are in. I am especially impressed with the Vintage models, both the Lady Godiva and the Pete Christlieb models. The only difference I can tell between the two Models is in the engraving, but I may have missed something..I really dig the tenors in the Vintage line..very tight, with a nice solid feel and sound. These are not eight thousand dollar horns..maybe the eight thousand dollar horns are overpriced? I'm not taken with the black horns..old school, i's a matter of taste. I find the CB's to be sturdy and well put together..I am a pro repair might want to look into them. Good luck in your search.

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