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by soppysax
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8 years ago


Trying to find the fair market value of a Yanagisawa Soprano Sax, Series S-800, manufactured between 1981-1982, in Good-Excellent shape.........PLEASE HELP!!!

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  1. by Joe Giardullo
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    8 years ago


    Hi I've owned 2 (the first I sold for $1600 earlier this year) and then I realized my mistake- I should never have sold it. Luckily I found another last week in almost mint condition for $1100. I know of another in very, very good condition that recently sold provately for $1200. All of these were in the NYC area. It is one of the great sopranos, so think hard before you sell! I would have paid up to $1800 for the one I just bought. Hope that helps abit

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