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by drtel
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8 years ago

buescher saxophone

I have a silver buescher true tone saxophone. serial number136014. licensed Dec 8 1914. Overall good condition, pads in good condition. Works. Anyone have any idea on how much this may be worth, if anything? Thanks

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  1. by SUZZANNE
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    8 years ago

    Re: buescher saxophone

    I too have something similiar but not in great shape. Well it is in tact but it has sat for many years. I actually found it with a bunch of chain saws because the case was simliar to one and that is wear it was stored. It has Low Pitch and the same Dec 8 1914 date but the serial number doesn't match any that I have come across on the web. I want to pass it along because I don't have any use for one. Where on earth do you begin?

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