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8 years ago

Drake Mouthpieces - Have you tried them?

Hi Everyone, I just sign as a member of the forum. I thought some of you may be interested in learning more about our mouthpieces and I am hoping to answer your questions. If you have not yet heard of our mouthpieces, here is a quick overview. We have a complete line of saxophone mouthpieces (and clarinet barrels) that are made from a special high refractory ceramic material. The acoustic properties offer the player an immediate response, oustanding projection, and amazing tonal stability (this is due to the low thermal conductivity). Another good way to describe the material is somewhere in between hard rubber and metal. One of our customers descibes it as "the comfort of hard rubber with the projection of metal". I have been making them for about 15 years, but the mouthpieces have become more widley used in the last 2 years. The products are currently distributed in 6 countries and we are rapidly expanding in the US. Please visit our site for more detailed info, endorsers, testimonials, sound clips, and more. For anyone interested in trying the mouthpieces we have a great trial policy and no restocking fees. You can purchase up to 3 mouthpieces on trial for 14 days, then return 1,2,or all 3 (in new condition) for a full refund. I am always happy to take your questions. You can also reach me through our customer service number: 877 681 0954 All the Best!

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