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by tsaxmom
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8 years ago

Looking for opinions...

Hello! My son has played a tenor sax for 3 years. I believe it's considered a student model (Jupiter something). He's moved to the high school level and shown me that he loves playing, so I've decided it's time to invest in a quality instrument for him. Any suggestions? I'd really like to get him a quality professional model that will last him through high school and into college, if not for the rest of his life. I plan to take him out to try a bunch of different ones. If there are brands we should absolutely stay away from, or absolutely check out - I'd really appreciate any advice! Also, I understand having a great mouth piece makes a difference, too. I think he's using an Otto Link Hard Rubber for now. So, I'm interested in putting together a really great setup for him. Thank you in advance!

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  1. by Hunter R.
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    8 years ago

    Re: Looking for opinions...

    Cool! If yo want to invest in a great Tenor sax that has a beautiful tone and is very durable and will last for the rest of his life it is a Cannonball Big Bell Stone Series Tenor. Otto Link is a very good jazz mouthpiece maker. You have a fine mouthpiece, no need to waste your money in bying another one. I use a Otto Link Metal mouthpiece. It brightens the sound and makes it sound more throaty (crackily) I use a E. Rousseau Classical Mouthpiece for concert, chamber, and classical pieces. Good Luck! Hunter R.

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  2. by kelsey
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    8 years ago

    Re: Looking for opinions...

    Since you are looking for opinions I will be happy to give you mine!! As far as I'm concerned, the best horns out there are the vintage ones! But Vintage horns are not for every one. For young musician, I would suggest a new Yamaha YTS 62ll. These are great pro horns, don't cost an arm and a leg, and if later your son only wants the very best, then the Mark Vl Selmer tenor would be my choice.....Kelsey
    Barry Kelsey

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