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8 years ago

Conn Tenor value and actual age?

Hi I have a Conn Tenor Sax I inherited from my father who was quite a musician in his day. I know he used it playing in a marching band in WW11 and other bands after. I sent the info and pics to Joe Sax and he seemed quite impressed and offered to buy it outright. He said it was worth between $2500 and $3500 but since I know next to nothing about this instrument I'd love to hear what others think it may be worth. Here is the info it is a CG Conn LTD ELKHART IND. Naked lady. serial # 289459 with a 10 and M above patent and L below serial #. It is in beautiful cond. (Joe Sax's words) with original lacquer finish and orig. pads and case, mouthpiece is MC Gregory. I looked online at other sax's similar in age and was impressed at how much better shape this one is in comparison. Thank you for any help letting me know it's true value and age, Tina

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  1. by saxismyaxe
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    8 years ago

    Re: Conn Tenor value and actual age?

    19401/41 is the date of manufacture for your Pro Conn Artist or so called "Lady Face/Naked Lady" Tenor. Value is based largely on original condition etc., but these are on of the most desirable vintage model saxophones, and the monetary value is likely quite good, say anywhere between $1,500 and $2,500 or so, depending again on condition, finish etc. If you email some clear photos to me, I will help pin down a reasonably close value and assessment for you.

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