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by ssrkyle
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8 years ago

Tips for solving pinky pain

Hey sax players! I've just come from a practice section and have noticed a lack of endurance in my pinky finger, particularly when I finger low C# or Eb. My first knuckle is collapsing and locking, and I have a lot of trouble bending it back. I just don't think I have any strength in that finger! I was wondering if anyone else has this problem, and some things they do to remedy the situation. Are there any pinky strengthening exercises I can do to help practice for longer? Thanks in advance, guys! I await your reply!

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  1. by Roy McGrath
    (7 posts)

    8 years ago

    Re: Tips for solving pinky pain

    Hi ssrkyle, My hands have always had problems due to a bunch of physical things. Which has just led me to take much better care of them. Along with some suggestions that my teacher has given me here are some practical (and somewhat obsessive ideas) 1. Stretch all the time, before, in between, and after your playing sessions. Your hand is like the rest of your body, and although we do not consider these things, music is very athletic in nature and takes a toll on our bodies 2. Use moisturizing lotion to increase the flexibility of your fingers, its kinda weird but it helps. 3. Run your hands under the hottest water they can handle, Epson salts added to the water do a world of a difference.. 4. When you're practicing new techinque or perfecting stuff you already know, be sure to start out slow to make sure your hand position isn't tensed up. Tension is both mental and physical, and can do damage that cannot be reversed... 5. If your fingers lock up or feel pain, STOP. Take a break. There is such a thing as too much repetitive practicing. Muscles get tired! You get to a point you're hurting yourself rather than perfecting techinque. Lots of small little breaks are a good thing. Hope that helps, and if I said anything wrong let me know!

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