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by Matthew A
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8 years ago

Early and Vintage sax quartet playing in England, anyone interested?

I'd like to ask if anyone visiting this forum would be interested in joining me to form a sax quartet playing on specifically vintage and early instruments, and period repertoire? I heard a clip on YouTube recently of the Aurealia Quartet (I think that's what they were called) playing early Adolphe Sax instruments and it sounded amazing, quite different to modern saxes, and so it occured to me that there could be some valuable possibilities here for playing on early and vintage instruments (perhaps pre-1930 and pre-1900? LP and HP respectively). I thought I'd throw this suggestion into the mix to see if there are any like minded players and enthusiasts thinking along similar lines? I'm based in the North of England (near Leeds, UK) and perhaps a meeting once a month (rotating over the 4 locations) might be a realistic possibility if players live some distance from one another? I play on vintage 1920's Buescher True-Tone instruments (the sops and alto) and have recently aquired an early soprano saxophone (c.1880). Doea anyone feel this could be worth following up? Maybe "The Early saxophone quartet" could be a name for the group? Cheers, Matthew (

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