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by basssaxman88
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8 years ago


I was looking through a yard sale on Saturday and wondering if this saxophone was indeed an F-Mezzo. It was about 17 inches in height and the guy said his grandfather played it YEARS ago. It had SN# of 11,1xx on it. I've seen soprano saxes that aren't this big and alto saxes that aren't this small. It has a gold lacquer and is pretty beat up over the years. I told him to hold it for a little longer so I could do some research. If you could answer or help me out, that would be great. Also, the front of the bell said Grand Rapids. I'm usually into bass saxophones and alto's / C Melody's and that sort. Is anyone actually an expert with F-Mezzo's?

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  1. by Saxquest
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    8 years ago

    Re: F-Mezzo-Saoprano????

    The horn you are looking at is not an F-mezzo. An F-mezzo would measure at just over 20 inches long without the neck attached. It would also have a serial number of 211xxx, 213xxx, 216xxx or 219xxx. We have two of these here in the Saxquest museum. Cheers, Mark Overton

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