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9 years ago

Age and reputation of Conn Alto

Hi! I am Bengt Brorsson, a 68 year old retired researcher. Some 20 years ago I started learning to play tenor sax. Two years ago my wife's father died (a Londoneer). When we clened the place we found an Conn Alto. It had not been used for many years, in fact we did not know of its existence. I took it to a technician who did a through makeover ($1000). I have now started playing it. It sounds lovely; people around me tell me that they envy me. Now I would be very interested in knowing how old it is and if it is considered to belong to the Conn's that has a good reputation. Data: There are engravings on the front and a text that reads: C.G. CONN LTD ElKHART-IND USA. On the "back" side it says: PATD 8 1914 1119954 A M243919 L Can you help me identify the instrument? Or recommend a source where I can find out? Meanwhile, I will return to playing! Best regards, Bengt

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  1. by Sax Mom
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    8 years ago

    Re: Age and reputation of Conn Alto

    I believe 1930, but possibly 1934.

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