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8 years ago

Inexpensive Sopranino?

I'm a Vietnamese American and play Vietnamese music on the alto. It sounds close to classical or mebbe classical crossover/easy listening. I want to try the sopranino for this music. I don't need fantastic sound bicos in most South East Asian music, originality matters much more than your overall sound. What you compose and play counts and not just what you play. To even play professionally a reasonable sound is enough. I am looking for the "cheapest" functional instrument that is not junk. I presume the ones under $500 on ebay right now, are junk. Please correct me if I am wrong. Also, I need one really quick. I prefer new, not used- more a person preference. If I am able to tame the sopranino in a reasonable amount of time, I will be ready to get a Yani or a R-C a year from now. So I am looking for a "test" instrument. If anyone has any recommendations.... Saxello? Also Rampone-Cazzane is my "dream" instrument, but I have heard only ONE instrument played at any length. Could anybody advise if they had good or bad experience with this brand? How much do they cost new? Cheers, Daniel Ng.

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