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by littlemiss3515
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8 years ago

Vintage York Saxophone - More info needed!

Could anyone give me some more information about my York saxophone. I was given it about 10 years ago by a relative who was a music teacher. It has York, Grand Rapids, Michigan USA in the logo as well as a flower and leaf design. There is a serial number of 94730 on the back and the initials PAT.APLD.FOR. It is silver in colour with a dull brass colour in some places. I have never got on with it very well as I have always found it a struggle to play. This could of course be because of my lack of technique! I wonder if someone could tell me whether it would be a better idea to sell it and get a more basic instrument? I played upto Grade 4 at school but now would just like to play as a hobby. Any words of wisdom would be appreciated! Thanks

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  1. by Sax Mom
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    8 years ago

    Re: Vintage York Saxophone - More info needed!

    Take the horn to a repair technician and have that person check for leaks with a light probe. That could be why it is difficult to play. You might get an estimate for repair as well.

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