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by krzykrn88
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8 years ago

any one interested in reeds?

Hey guys, I am currently trying to sell two "packs" of vandoren alto sax reeds. I wrapped each pack with the following combination of reeds: 2 Vandoren v16s, 4 javas, and 4 java reds, all in size 3.5. All of these reeds are still in their wrappers. SImply speaking, size 3.5 feels too thick for me now. In a way, this might slightly help some1 who is looking for different reeds to try. price is 15 each, and you will be responsible for the shipping. If you are interested, please lemme know! thanks! i am also down for straight trade with the following alto sax reeds: superial ny (3) rico jazz selects (3M, unfiled or filed) p.s. sorry for posting this on a forum, i thought doing this will draw more attention than just posting this on trading post.

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