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by prsachs
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8 years ago

Charon Soprano sax

Hey, everyone! This is my first voyage on Saxquest. I have a mystery for you all. I've been looking at some used soprano saxes for my daughter, and came across a straight soprano sax, silver, obviously well-made and maintained, about 40 or so years old (we think), smooth, warm tone, plays beautifully. Still in its original case. The only identifying marking on the sax is the word "Charon" engraved on the bell. Has anyone ever heard of this instrument?

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  1. by cuber
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    8 years ago

    Re: Charon Soprano sax

    ha, i googled it and it brought me here. anyway Chances are its a "stencil" saxophone- one that one company made and game to somebody else so the other people's name is on the thing. If i had to guess oh who made it, it would be Conn. Im assuming the silver is satin silver except for the keywork? Conn silverplated a lot of saxes. Buechser (or however you spell it) also comes to mind, but Conns are a bit more common.

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