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by Rachael
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14 years ago

Blue Lake

I recieved in the mail today a letter from blue lake fine arts camp stating that i was accepted into the international exchange program. I haven't decided yet if i'm going to go... money being one issue, but if anyone has any comments on whether or not i should accept i would be very grateful!

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  1. by tenor562
    (297 posts)

    14 years ago

    Re: Blue Lake

    go!!, it's such an honor to get into blue lake international, you can't turn it down. I went this year too, but I'm in eighth grade, so my sax playing is probably way less developed than yours. I would definitely go, don't let money get in your way. I've known people who went, and they had the time of their lives. hey, if you have to sell 6000 candy bars to go to europe and play your instrument, do it!

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