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8 years ago

Identifying a Conn USA Sax

We have recently come into possession of a Conn USA sax and we are trying to learn a little more about it. On the bell there is a decorative Conn USA stamp, and on the back there is just the number 8010, no letters, no words, no other numbers, just a little 8010. The finish on the horn appears to be gold or brass but is a little tarnished and 'rubbed' off in places leading us to believe it may have been plated. The buttons are mother of pearl and seem to be consistent with the few pictures I have been able to find of vintage Conn Saxs. I unfortunately do not know a lot about saxs (I'm a piano player) but we think it is an alto. I do have pictures and am happy to email them if anyone would like to take a closer inspection. Thank you for your help! This seems like a very knowledgeable friendly group of people here!

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