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I have a silverplate soprano saxophone, and this summer my daughter and I will be taking the whole thing apart, polishing it, and putting it back together... I know... a big and possibly dangerous endeavor! Any suggestions as to the best product to use for tarnish removal, and is there any way to slow the development of new tarnish on a saxophone? There are just too many little places that are difficult to access without dismantling the keywork! (I also have a silverplate flute, that might be next...)

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  1. by blackfrancis
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    8 years ago

    Re: Silverplate

    A good going-over with silver polish will do as good as anything. You can use string or small pieces of cloth to get under the springs (my least favorite thing is to get stuck by a spring, then pull back into another spring). Keep in mind that tarnish depends on body chemistry- I've known flutists that could turn a whole instrument black in a week!

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