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by tenor562
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15 years ago

Just wondering..

Ok, yesterday I made the three hour trip to south bend to try out all tenors. I tried the Selmer TS200, the YTS475, the jupiter 889SG, and the YTS62II. Of course, I ended up with the YTS62II, it truly is a great horn. We skipped sales tax, and decided to go with shipping, so it's to be coming around next week. I've asked how you guys take care of your horns and such, so I'm sry if you're tired of it. I have a LaVoz Pad Saver that I bought so I wouldn't trash my school's YTS23 at band camp. However, the lint like gets all over the inside of the instrument, and I want to know if that's ok, or if I'll be asking for an early death for my beloved YTS62II. Also if there are any YTS62II owners, if you could tell me what setups you use, and what works best on that horn. Thanks

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  1. by navyblueTENOR
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    15 years ago

    Re: Just wondering..

    I just ordered a YTS62II, and i found out that a selmer larry teal works really well. I dunno about the pad saver thing, that's a good question.

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