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by JCanz
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8 years ago

What is wrong with my Yamaha Custom??Please help!

Long story short- my alto is a Yamaha Custom 875, the older horn before they started the EX and Z's. Recently I had the key heights lowered upon recommendation of a very well respected classical saxophonist. I also started using key clamps. Since then, the horn plays horribly. It is very uneven overall, low E , Eb, D and C# want to gurgle and jump the octave way easier than it should. My tech and I sat with the gauge and adjusted the key heights back to Yamaha factory standards. We of course checked it all over for leaks, a few minor ones fixed. The horn still just feels bad and sounds stuffy now. I have played some Selmer Series IIIs that just blow it away in the condition it's in now. I used to really love this horn! Thoughts?

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