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by bigvegas
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8 years ago

Looking for advice on purchasing a tenor

I played a ton when I was younger, but I have not played in about 10 years starting a family, etc.etc. Miss playing and am looking to buy a tenor to pick it back up. I want to buy what I would term an intermediate or intermediate+ horn. I can't justify going all out on a professional horn (though the budget is probably not an issue) and frankly wouldn't mind killing two birds and having a horn that is an investment as well. I had a mark VI alto back in the day but had to sell it a few years ago when funds were tight. I'd like to stay in the 3-4K range if possible, but I can stretch budget if it warrants. I am reading that a Ref54 is the "top of the mountain"; I'd like to be able to see the summit from a base camp or two lower if that makes sense. Please fire away with thoughts and advice - what makes/models should I look at?

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  1. by newreedsyndrome
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    8 years ago

    Re: Looking for advice on purchasing a tenor

    Vintage - Conn 10M, Martin, King Super 20, Kohlert, Buffet Super Dynaction New - Yanigisawa, P. Maurat Im not wild about Ref 54s - the ones I've seen have super flimsy construction

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    1. by kelsey
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      8 years ago

      Re: Looking for advice on purchasing a tenor

      For a new horn in your price I would suggest the Yamaha 82z horns. If anything were to happen to my Mark Vl alto and tenor the Yamahas would be my first choice. newreedsyndrome's list of vintage horns is good.....................kelsey
      Barry Kelsey

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