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by jbog
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8 years ago

6m conn Naked lady Sax

I acquired a Gold 6m conn Naked Lady it has an E and then 340681 L, I took it in to the local music store, He was very impressed with the original condition, I think he said the year was 1950?? I would like to sell it , but I not sure what its worth or how to go about selling it??? What is the best avenue?

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  1. by Sax Mom
    (964 posts)

    8 years ago

    Re: 6m conn Naked lady Sax

    If it is really in excellent condition you might try the consign tab at the top of this page. Then again, some people have good luck selling on ebay. The Naked Lady saxophones always sell for more than I can afford to pay for them!

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  2. by urupablo
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    6 years ago

    Re: 6m conn Naked lady Sax

    I think you have the same year and model the one I have just bought in auction yeasterday, in Bradford, ontario.
    It is in excellent condition of plating, lacker and body with original pads, case, strap manueal and mouthpiece.
    Mine is E 338463 L, Naked Lady, Gold 6M, neck with low 8ta mechanism and microtuner, leading to date: 1950
    I got from $725 (+ tax) but probably it may got more$$...depending conditions and selling location.
    If you know more about those saxes, I would appreciate a repply.

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