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8 years ago

need advice

I have a vintage Conn from the 1930s with serial number A M235117 L imprinted on it. I think it has a great tone but I know it needs some work. I took it to the music store and the people told me it wasn't vintage because the word vintage implies something has value.............they said it was junk and I should chunk it..............I know restoration can be pricey. ....and I'm thinking of doing it.....just don't know how to choose a restorer, etc. Also I'm just someone who played sax in the band for 11 yrs....starting 41 years ago and I am new to all the "extras" on old horns. I just discovered the micro tuner and what it was when a pro pointed it out. He said they don't make them anymore......are there other unique features I should be aware of on this sax? Thanks for help and advice!!!!!!!

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  1. by blackfrancis
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    8 years ago

    Re: need advice

    I currently play a Conn alto 254XXX. Sold my Mk. VI when this one came to me. I guess the short form is that the folks at the music store are full of prunes. The thing to do is ask around and find someone who knows their way around a vintage horn. Ask some local pros- they usually have a good idea who can handle that kind of job. And you're absolutely right about the tone- nothing quite like an old Conn!

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