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7 years ago

Wooden mouthpieces. Valuable Investment?

Hi, I'm new to the site and I figured that this might be a better place than any other to ask a question that has been biting me for a while. I have looking for a new classical mouthpiece for my Custom Z alto sax. After an arbitrary search for mouthpieces, I came across a website which had some wooden mouthpieces in stock. Never being aware that wooden mouthpieces were still made, my eye was caught. As it got caught, however, it noticed the price tag on this piece of equipment. 700 DOLLARS. Now, I am not mouthpiece aficionado, so I don't know how much one should expect to pay for a quality mouthpiece, but seven-hundred bills seems a bit steep to me. So I would like to know: Is a wooden mouthpiece wouth a large monitary set back, do they require more effort to make, and, if they are a valuable asset, what is a reliable company from which I might buy a professional-grade mouthpiece??

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