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by YanagisawA-901
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15 years ago

-==Great Literature==-

anyone know some good jazz band literature?? im tryna think of some good songs i can maybe introduce to my jazz teacher so we could maybe play them, right now im workin on a bunch of hank levey pieces, my teacher loves him since he was practically best friends with him, like time for a change i think its called? i really want to play that, its a awesome piece. also another good alto solo is "samantha", thats by sammy nestico i believe, our school put out a huge cd about 5 years ago and that song was on it, my friend steve played it, its an absolutely amazing song, anybody heard of those 2 songs? or have any composers or arrangers i should look into? i want this year in jazz to be real fun.

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  1. by karebear1012
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    15 years ago

    Re: -==Great Literature==-

    My school buys music from They have everything from marching band music to jazz band music to piano solo pieces. Sometimes you can hear clips of the songs too. What I like about that website, is you can search jazz music by solos (like you can search jazz band music with alto sax solos and stuff) Good luck! Kara

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