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by beale st.
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8 years ago

In search of good mouthpiece and intonation.

In search of a great playing sax mouthpiece. With all of the millions of mouthpieces out there that swear they are it. don't know where to start. good Intonation a plus! Help.

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  1. by luiyo456
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    8 years ago

    Re: In search of good mouthpiece and intonation.

    Mouthpieces are matter of a little personal feel, learning to know your own embroshure combine with the mouthpiece and sax responses. Mouthpiece chamber, tip opening and material made are some variables, my personal taste on low budget for alto sax i use Meyer #6 medium chamber, I get a good response with my YAS 62 and selmer Mark VII, for tenor I use an Otto link NY metal #7 on a Cannonball Big bell global series, I get a well balance sound.

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