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by franfran
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8 years ago

effect of reed vibration on new dental work

just had implants and bridge on upper mouth, supposedly solid enuf for renewed playing BUT one dentist predicts that over time the reed vibration will loosen the implants and teeth supporting the bridge. haven't been able to play in long while work was done (implant failures and broken bridge along the way) anyone with similar experience? any mouthpice that might reduce vibration (if at all possible)? May have to switch instruments to non-woodwind (yuck) Please help!

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  1. by Sax Mom
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    8 years ago

    Re: effect of reed vibration on new dental work

    I am no dentist, so take my opinion as just that, an opinion. I can't imagine reed vibrations having an effect, as your teeth do not even touch the reed. However, the resonance vibrations of the horn and mouthpiece might be a different matter. However, there are mouthpiece cushions or patches that are available that can be stuck right on top of the mouthpiece where it comes in contact with the teeth. I've heard from others that it helps to reduce vibrations that have caused them pain. I use them to protect the mouthpiece from my teeth, though I know I should not be biting that hard!

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