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by Darciflint
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7 years ago

My beautiful, old Conn

I have a wonderful 10M that I am having a tough time fitting into a time line....The man that GAVE it to me played it in the Navy Dance Band. I THOUGHT he said in '46, but the #'s don't seem to match. I had it re padded and re corked, and all the springs replaced, as well as some corrosion repaired. This horn plays like a DREAM. No dents, and a very lovely petina. serial number reads as 348 278 L. There is the space in there........So...question #1. date of manufacture? #2. any guess at value with the given info? I appreciate any help. Thanks tons! darci : )

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  1. by blackfrancis
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    7 years ago

    Re: My beautiful, old Conn

    I believe that serial no. would put it at 1952. Hard to judge the value in this economy. Wonderful horn, though- I'd just play it and be happy!

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  2. by kelsey
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    7 years ago

    Re: My beautiful, old Conn

    Darciflint, if you love the horn it's priceless. I was issued an old Conn alto while in the Navy during the late 50's. Don't think WWll, think peace time Navy Band 50's and 60's...........Kelsey
    Barry Kelsey

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