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by YanagisawA-901
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15 years ago

dudes, haha i need help again

ok, im workin really hard on improv, and im startin to get the feel for it, its just that i dont like slower songs, they hafta be a lil bit more up beat. but i cant really get any style goin, like, i cant get anything more than like, stylistic tonguing and goin up the scale chromatically or with 3rds..ya kno?? i just want to know if with time ill be able to hear the tune in my head and just let it come out of my sax or do i hafta like add to my arsonal of "tunes" i can play while improving thru practicing em?? to put it simpler.. when im lookin at a song, n theres a written solo, with a chance for improv where they have the chords and all that, or if im just kinda jammin with my buddies after school with a basic bass line from a piano and playin on a G scale.....will experience and practice, naturally give me more style and an enjoying performance? or do i need to have a lot of tunes and songs and rythems in the back of my mind before i start improving?? does that make sense??

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