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by zzucasax
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8 years ago


Do any pros use Roo-Pads...?

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  1. by thesaxman06
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    7 years ago

    Re: Roo-Pads

    I dont consider myself a pro but I do play a lot and have roo pads on one of my horns. I have had them on my mark vi alto since 02 so 8 years now. They have been incredible though they have a slightly different feel from normal pads. I have only had to have the horn adjusted once since they were put on, possibly because of the repairman I used is amazing. I wish he was still doing overhauls. As for my other saxes I have pads from JL Smith Co out of Charlotte. Jeff overhauled my alto and is now in the manufacturing side of things. I have had great results from his pads on my tenors and soprano and have stopped looking any further for a better pad as they last a long time and have little problems with me playing apx 40hrs a week on them. Hope this helps

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    1. by kelsey
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      7 years ago

      Re: Roo-Pads

      I have Roos on both my alto and tenor. I love them but local repair people don't regularly stock them. When I had my horns overhauled I ordered an extra set of pads for each horn. I let the repair man keep them in his shop. When I needed them I found he had gone out of business. Bottom line, they are better but not worth the hassel!!.....Kelsey
      Barry Kelsey

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