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by eekzues
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7 years ago

old conn sax. what do i have here?

hey folks, my grand dad asked me to take his sax and clairenet some years back. here is what i can read off of it fat_ aeos? 1914 w9954 a m223638 I've done some looking but have no idea about instruments it was not stored properly but seem to be in ok shape. So anybody know what i have? is it worth fixing up? is it worth anything? by the way the money don't mater ill donate most of anything out of it to our church. I would like to see it in the hands of somebody would enjoy it. hmm preview does not look how i wanted to show the markings. hope somebody can help

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  1. by kmterrill
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    7 years ago

    Re: old conn sax. what do i have here?

    If it says this on the back: PATD. DEC. 8, 1914 1119954 A M223638 L It's a Conn New Wonder Series II, otherwise known as a "Chu-Berry". As far as a price, it really depends on what shape it is in.

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